One of these days I gotta get myself organizized

No, I’m not becoming a real life Travis Bickle, nor am I uploading another post of quotes that I like.

I really do need to get myself organised.

It’s more than a month since my last activity on WordPress.  For several months I’ve been posting nearly every Thursday; each month saw at least four offerings from little ol’ me.  So what happened?

It was the middle of May and I had to work late one Thursday night.  I actually finished at 1 am on Friday morning, slept a few hours and was then back in work that same Friday morning.  After work, and up until dusk on Sunday, I was busy with ripping down my old garden shed and putting up a new one.  So, no posting activity that week.

At least the new shed looks good

From then on, I started to find that things happened to me rather than be controlled by me.  It has become clear to me that I am not controlling my life so much as I should do.  I have never been well-organised and this has got to stop.  It’s affecting my health.

Every week, I’ve being feeling increasingly rough each day when I’ve awoken and Monday was spent in the bathroom emptying the contents of my stomach rather than going to work.  It’s a good job I have made some improvements to my diet and my weight already this year as I dread to think how bad I would be if I hadn’t.

Enough already, I must take control of my life.

No, this has not been a complaint against life but rather a confession of my own failings.  Life has treated me very well over the last few weeks when I consider how badly I’ve been pursuing my life.  I gotta get myself organizized.

24 thoughts on “One of these days I gotta get myself organizized

  1. I know the feeling. :/ It feels like there’s no one in the driver seat, just feeling overwhelmed by work, schedules, obligations, with no time to do the things I really want or need to do. 😮

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  2. Hey there Harry! I was wondering where you were! Good to see you back! The topic of organizing is also a challenging one for me as well! I can so relate! There are some things we can’t control but others are well within if we take action! Your shed does look really good! Hope overall that you and family are well in spite of how matters may appear…

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    1. Thank you, Chanel.

      I need to react better to those uncontrollable things and my organisation will be better.

      I remember my first manager in my first full time job telling me that I wasn’t well organised. He was, and still is, right.

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      1. Well good for him!! Some people just have that natural gifting or maybe it’s OCD!! Lol! It didn’t make one better than the other for you have skills that your old boss couldn’t light a candle to!! I use to look at my stifles of being unorganized as such a flaw and wasted time beating myself up on the matter. But now that my true gifts are aging through, that weakness stays where it belongs.😊

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  3. Hi Harry, I hope you are able to find discipline and get the life on track. It doesn’t feel good when things go meandering randomly. A change of surrounding or a break or meeting someone who can help you get better will be a nice thing to do.

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    1. Thank you. We’re going to paint it brown in the summer.

      We haven’t decided whether or not to put up shelves under the windows like we did with the previous shed. We’ll see how we feel.

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    1. Thank you, Emz. You will see more of me again from now on.

      I’ve had a quick look at your blog and see that you’ve had some amazing changes in your life. I wish you every happiness. You deserve it.

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  4. Perhaps I could offer an idea, try with a notebook. Get a small notebook and a pen and keep it with you wherever you go, when you feel like you’re lost you write your current thoughts in a notebook right away. It’s what I do when I get into a bad period in life and it helps summing up life and taking actions 🙂

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  5. You know its kinda hard to get on wordpress for me. Not exactly a opera mini friendly site and it keeps popping my replies where I didn’t put it.
    Decided to try the wordpress app on play store but it goes through my data like I go through cheese and pig meat lol.
    I do feel sometimes I neglect my online friendships though so for me I will be back a bit too if you’ll have me.

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