Life can be mundane

This week has been one of those many weeks when nothing noteworthy seemed to happen.  A week when the normal routine kicks in and the enjoyment of life jumps out of the window.  A week full of days that morph into each other.  You surely know the kind of weeks that I’m talking about.  One of those weeks when each day is just the routine that you get up, you work, you eat, and then you go to sleep.  Before you know it, the week has slipped past.

It’s the mundane weeks that really test your character.  I like to remember that character is continuing to do those things that you ought to do even when the initial excitement has ended.Dull_and_Boring

A few things have happened this week.  Like, I telephoned a call centre yesterday morning and moaned about my direct debit payment last week.  Hmmm…oh yes, during the week I booked my car’s MOT test as well.  Oh, and Gloria’s work friend’s daughter invited us to her twenty-first birthday meal one Saturday in May.

Actually, I could make up some amazing post about any of those three things if I wanted to exaggerate the truth of what happened.

I could talk about my car.  It’s so old that it still has a tape player rather than a CD player.  My first car didn’t even have a radio.  I love sunroofs and my car has one.  It is a manually operated sunroof but I love it.

Did I ever tell you about when I bought the car?  I telephoned this number and found myself in a rather seedy situation.  The dealer was down a side alley near a train station.  Walking down the alley which had a taxi rank sign from years ago when this was a different business, I was greeted by a padlocked gate and a massive dog.  The barking dog was then joined by a rather unsettling tough guy…

No, I haven’t told you that story?  Well, that’s another blog post I guess…


13 thoughts on “Life can be mundane

  1. Yes, most of our days tend to be quite similar… probably that’s why we enjoy break habits so badly… By the way I like your definition of what character is… very well said…
    Happy weekend and best wishes. Aquileana 😀

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  2. Ow, some weeks do happen like that. They are not bad , but not exciting either! You said you got tape player in your car! It’s been ages I saw an audio cassette! You have an antique thing out there! 😉

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  3. I know the feeling of living in a routine. 😦 For the past two years I have been so busy going to school and working long hours. 😐

    There is also so much I will like to do in my times off, but it is hard to divide it between rest and family, activities. :/

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    1. I’ve set myself a daily routine. There are only 24 hours in a day and I started carving the day up between each activity that I want and need to do.

      I have become miserly with wasting my time on pointless things, such as watching television, as a result. I think that this is a good thing.

      I’ve been doing a similar thing with my monthly wages and what I eat to consume my proper intake of daily calories. I haven’t bought a cheap sandwich from a convenience store for a little while now. I’m eating fruit, instead.

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    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to visit my blog. I feel great that you have wanted to follow me also. Thank you.

      I’ve taken a quick look at yours and like what I’ve seen.

      I’ll be taking a closer look at it over the weekend.

      I’m following you, too!

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