My fears

One thing that won’t be thrust upon the world is the first draft of this evening’s blog post.  No sir-ree!  You’ll have to make up your own thoughts on the basic human emotions of fear and greed.  Well, at least for now.

Nowadays, I’m more driven by gratitude than I was about twenty years ago.  Nowadays, I’m grateful that a number of the things that I feared have not come about.  Some have, yes, but a lot haven’t.

So, I’ll trash my earlier draft post and this evening concentrate only on what I have already got and not what I fear won’t be part of my future.

I saw this picture online a little while ago.A-Father-And-His-Daughter11

The girl/lady reminds me a little of Yasmin – early twenties, long dark hair and still hanging around me in spite of the traumas that we’ve both given to each other.

Man, if only I looked as good as this lady’s father with my shirt off!  I keep my shirt on as a public service. 😉

The picture makes me smile.  I’m just so happy for these two people.  It’s great to feel happiness for someone else.

16 thoughts on “My fears

  1. I love the way the girl in both pics looks up at her father in admiration and adoration. It seem clear that he has been her hero and source of strength (not just with his mussels) It’s a feeling that I will never know since my father walked away from his responsibilities towards me at 2 leaving this little girls heart shattered wondering why I was not deserving of being “Daddy’s Little Girl.) This still hurts today but I’ve found comfort in my Heavenly Father and he’s done what my parents either refused or just were not able to do. It’s enough. Thank goodness that the fears we conjure up in our minds remain at bay and we can focus and be present for our beautiful and blessed realities! 😇

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      1. I’m happy for anyone who has the chance to have the best of both worlds; love from both their earthly and gravely Fathers. That’s just not my story and I know it’s not unique for many are in the same boat. Self pity I work hard not to get absorbed in for I know that will stop me from having a blessed life. My parents missed out on a great kid so shame on them! Lol! Thanks Harry!😀

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        1. You’re right about them missing out. I would do anything I could to stay in my daughter’s life. I know how much I love Yasmin. Her biological father no longer speaks to her. The fool!

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  2. Hello Harry. Been a while, forgive me. I have not been getting notifications for your posts so I’m happy to be here now.
    I have been missing out on that father-daughter bond from age nine when my dad died so I envy you guys that. But thank God for the wonderful mother I have.
    Keep cherishing it my friend.

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  3. Quite a beautiful post Harry! I also noted the way the daughter looks with admiration towards her father! He must have been her inspiration.He would have told her to be strong, helped her maintain a good diet, live with a proper life routine and guided her to grow up as an elegant and graceful lady. Additionally, no stray guy would have dared to try to win her heart, once they saw her father! That is what I felt! 🙂

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  4. Keeping your shirt on is a great idea 🙂 You are a blessed man Harry you do not need a six-pack. I am sure that Yasmin still loves and admires you.

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