My little problem in 2016

For many of us, there are dates during the year that remind us of something important that we have lost.  For me, there are two such dates.  One of these is in February and another in March.  My father passed away on Thursday 19th March 2009 following a long period suffering from Parkinsons Disease.

And so, February and March are the most stressful months for me.  This means that since 2009, I seem to catch every germ and bug doing the rounds.

This isn’t going to be a post of woe and of how hard done by I am.  I mean, this blog is called “Sad Music, Dark Literature and Positive Thoughts 2”.  So, we won’t be deviating too far from positive thoughts, right?

I mentioned in my post from only two days ago, that I would explain what had delayed this post from finding its way up here on this site on Sunday.  The explanation is that I’ve been feeling quite rough for a couple of weeks and I am now off work on a course of antibiotics.

DSC_0001My trip to and from the hospital out of hours doctor via a taxi and also grabbing my prescription last night have left my wallet twenty five British pounds lighter.  I guess that this cannot be helped.

I worked from home on Monday but was not up to even doing that since Tuesday.

Look, I don’t want to moan about every ache and pain that I have – I don’t suffer from the proverbial man flu!  However, it became a concern when the cocktail of symptoms that I was suffering from were supplemented by feeling confused and losing my short term memory.

This confusion and memory loss is due to my body diverting resources to fighting the bugs in my body, the doctor reassured me.  It’s clearly not important to remember where you have just placed your drink bottle, keys or half-eaten plum.

I want to sign off by telling you all that I am looking after myself with good food.21060308_breakfastPorridge for breakfast, salad for lunch, fruit for a snack and home cooked food for supper would normally be the ideal guardians of good health.21060308_lunch

Sometimes, there are emotions that will try and knock you down whatever you do to stop them.  You just have to get ready to pick yourself back up afterwards.

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  1. Sorry to hear that you have been sick Harry. Your plan of good home food and some good rest will make all the grey-cells be in tip-top shape soon 🙂

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  2. Hey there Harry! I am just seeing this post ad I see you shared 6 days ago so I am praying that by today you are feeling near 100%! Please do report. You have readers that authentically care about your well being and I am sincerely one of them! Don’t know where your level of faith is concerning getting well but I am on a path towards strengthening myself spiritually on the topic of healing. Let me try and encourage you to anticipate being well in February and March of 2017! This time next year will look different simply by changing the mindset. I truly believe this. If you anticipate being sick then you probably will be but if you speak against it and say you will be well even as you remember the life of your beloved father, I am sure you will not be riddled with prescriptions. We all really have what we say! (Romans 4:17) Be well my friend; very soon:-)

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    1. Thank you for caring and for your prayers. I’m not fully better yet but I am back at work.

      No, I don’t go out resolving to be ill at this or any time of year. I actually resolved the opposite for the whole of 2016 and so felt a little devastated to be unwell.

      I do enjoy reasonable health and I feel blessed for that. There are a number of people born into bad health. I’m lucky to have been born with a healthy body.

      This is always the worst time of the year for me on a personal level and, if I am going to pick up a bug, it will be now. At the moment, half of Gloria’s work colleagues are ill and not at work with the same illness. One lady has been signed off work for nearly a month and she hadn’t been ill for about a decade.

      I haven’t had a prescription for years until this. This year’s bug are quite plentiful. I was one of many with similar symptoms, the doctor told me.

      Self-doubt will make you ill but this isn’t a case of that. Sometimes, you do just get ill.

      One of church congregation sadly passed away this morning in hospital. This flesh is vulnerable.

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      1. Aww I do understand! Boy what ever it may be is running rampant in your area! Never-the-less so glad you are feeling better! Remain well mind, body and spirit! Always in my thoughts!😇

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        1. Thank you, Chanel.

          I was determined to be the one at work with no sick days this year. My manager was concerned as he thinks that I have too much work to do. He had to do a touch of it while I was off. I told him that it wasn’t stress at work.

          I think the problem was that Gloria works in a school and that sometimes helps to put germs around. Gloria’s school has issued a warning as there is am outbreak of Scarlet Fever there. There are a spike of Scarlet Fever cases in UK schools at the moment which has made national news.

          I should be okay there – it’s more of a childhood disease and no adults have caught it at the school.

          Sorry, I am rambling on. Usually, the winter kills off a lot of germs but this winter has been near perfect for the little bacteria. Very damp and not too cold.


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