It finally happened…but nothing changed

It’s easy to become too gullible and believe everything that people or the media tells you.  I remember growing up filled with the belief about how Britain yearned for a men’s Wimbledon tennis champion.  However, nothing much changed when Andy Murray finally won this title a couple of years back.

This week, the media built up the vote in Parliament on whether to authorise British air strikes in Syria.  I was eating my supper and watching the headlines after the vote was announced.  They then cut to a correspondent in Syria and asked the reaction.  I wondered why as surely no-one in Syria was sitting by the radio listening for updates.  The correspondent confirmed that no-one in Syria even knew about the vote.

But that’s Britain for you – and possibly it’s the same everywhere.  A number of British people (I suspect the vast majority is a good estimate) think that the World revolves around the life experience as they see it.  We live in the same street as each other and have no idea of the life experience that each of us experiences.

No one is safe from stress

I had a text message at 12 noon today from an old school friend who doesn’t work.  She was offering me an appointment for when she would visit us with her husband.  It was four and a half hours later that I answered her when I started my lunch break.  I told her that I was starting my lunch break and that I am working on the date that she offered, right up until the evening so it depended on the time.

Yes, she was offering a weekend date, but things are hectic where I work right now and I also have several things to organise in my spare time.  There’s Monday’s visit of a workman to fix the after effects of the water leak for example, which will involve me moving all of the lounge furniture about.

I haven’t heard back from her.  Maybe she’s sulking that I didn’t answer straight back.

Oh well, she might have no idea of my life experience.

9 thoughts on “It finally happened…but nothing changed

    1. Well it is fair enough for your world to revolve around you. You, of course, realise that other people have stresses that you don’t.

      Anyway, you are one of my online friends which equates to being a hero of mine 😉


  1. My world revolves around me and everybody/everything I believe in,only.
    Your friend might not be sulking, maybe she has issues she is dealing with too, just like the rest of us.

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    1. Hi Ebely.

      She came back to me eventually. I mentioned about the sulking as it is the kind of thing that she does. Every time she texts and I don’t reply immediately, she does get upset. There’s a group of us who all went to school together of which she is one so I am used to her now. Anyway, all is well.

      I explain as you probably thought I was being a bit mean.

      I’m quite easy-going, which helps when bringing up a stepdaughter whilst her father and mother are at all out war!

      I can relate to your world being about you and those you love. I just wish that more people cared enough to appreciate the problems other people face each day.

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