Moan, moan, moan – the British way

I think the one thing that every one of us has in common is that we each have something that we can feel bad about.

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Some people never know when they are well off

In some way or other, life is unfair to pretty much everyone.  Well, okay, some people get better breaks than others.  However, a sense of perspective is something that few of us have.

At least I haven’t been born in a country where wrong doings are punished by public flogging.  Nor have I been born a girl to either be married and pregnant to a man old enough to be my grandfather while being still at the an age that is below the age of consent in European countries, or to be raped on the order of an unelected all male counsel for some crime committed by a relative.  And I’m not an elderly person facing starvation because I find it hard to do the only available but poorly paying work because my body is collapsing with age.

I could go on about the life of the majority of the World’s inhabitants, but I won’t.

I watch television documentaries and news broadcasts and see people moaning about their lot while all of the time I watch everything as if through the eyes of one of these people I mention.  They’d love to live on the benefits breadline in Britain if that meant that they lived in a house with a spacious enclosed garden, full indoor sanitation and warm clothes.  Sorry, with this image that I describe I am thinking about a particular family that I saw this year on BBC News.

…Okay, I won’t go into a full rant here.

I do listen to gothic inspired music. One of my five favourite albums is Pornography by The Cure, for example. I can relate to the words as bad things have happened to me in the past. But, I’m not unique in having a bad past. I have a right to feel depressed about things that have happened to me but there is a lot that makes me feel grateful and happy as well.

Let’s just say, caring about everyone else in the World helps you to appreciate the few blessings that you do have.

13 thoughts on “Moan, moan, moan – the British way

  1. We South Africans have inherited the British propensity to complain!
    A few of us do recognise, however, that we are a lot better off than most people think!

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  2. “…life is unfair to pretty much everyone. Well, okay, some people get better breaks than others. ”
    How true. Today I can walk. Six months ago I could not (could not even hold cutlery or a cup). I still suffer from this and that and the other things.
    Every morning I still get up in my home, can clothe myself, have food to eat and medical treatments available.
    Yes, I complain. Mostly because I cannot do what I used to be able to do…
    You are not alone.

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    1. Thank you for that comment. In that you both acknowledge the blessings that you have while also feeling bad at the suffering that you also endure.

      Those who complain the most tend to have so little to feel bad about.


      1. “Those who complain the most tend to have so little to feel bad about.”

        Love this! :mrgreen: There are some people I know in my town that fit this perfectly. 🙂

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  3. I moan and complain fairly alot but with none to listen I do something about it. Still I am better off than without having to complain. But I forever will.

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    1. You’ve every right to complain, man. The problem is those people who think that they have the worst life ever. And also, you do go out and try and make your life better.

      Oh, and you’re possibly the world’s greatest tattooist… 😀


    1. You are probably right about it being a conversation starter.

      I just feel downhearted the amount of moaning there is in Britain. When you live in the world’s sixth greatest economy you know that for most people hardships that they face would be like heaven to most of the world’s population.


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